Home is so much more than just a building. It's where we gather with friends and family, share our lives with our community and experience life's joys and challenges on a daily basis. At Beacon Management, family and a sense of home are ideas that mean a lot to us and we strive to instill that same feeling in all our communities.

Ruth Payne - Resident of St. Leo's Place

How long have you been living here?

I’ve been here ever since St. Leo’s opened 6 ½ years ago. I saw the sign when it was under construction and thought I was ready to sell my home and this place was ideal for me.

How do you like it here?

Love it. Love it. Love it! It’s so convenient. The neighbors and the fellowship of the community are so nice. I feel safe here. It’s home!

Jean Covington - Resident of Seager Place

How long have you lived at Seager Place?

Since it opened almost 3 years ago.

What made you decide to move to Seager Place?

After my husband passed away, I decided I wanted to be closer to my daughters who live in Greensboro. My daughter saw an article in the paper about this apartment community for seniors under construction so she checked into it for me. The timing was right. It was the answer for me. I love the one level apartment with a patio, large bathrooms, grab bars in the tubs. I also enjoy all the activities that we have. Management is very good. It means a lot when you know someone cares and you aren’t just a number.

Maxine Smith - Resident of Alamance Plaza

"I have lived here at Alamance Plaza for 20 years. I enjoy living here. I like meeting other residents and I like the location."

Sylbrina Konate - Resident of Griffith Commons

"I am thankful to be a resident at Griffith Commons because it is quiet and a family friendly community. It is a community that welcomes all people. The location is great surrounded by shopping areas, businesses and medical care all in less than 10 minutes away. The staff is professional and cares about the residents."

Andrea Singleton - Resident of Druid Hills II

"I live at Druid Hills II and have two children. My kids love it out here. There is a good atmosphere and it is a pleasure to come in and use the resident computer. I am very thankful to the owners of Druid Hills II. It's a nice place to stay."

Susan Hopping - Resident of Rankin School Place

"I have lived at Rankin School Place since June 2005. It has been a great joy to find a home that meets my needs. I'm disabled and in a wonderful handicapped apartment. Our manager does everything she can to help us all. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. I truly enjoy being here."

Joann J. Haithcock - Resident of Rankin School Place

"I have been living at Rankin School Place since January 2006. I was not sure I would like living in an apartment because I lived alone in a house for 15 years. I was wrong. Honestly, I can tell you I have really enjoyed living at Rankin School Place very much. Rankin School Place is like a small community and I have been able to meet people and enjoy the activities."

William Flaherty - Resident at Meridian Tower

"I have lived at Meridian for approximately 3 years. The complex is very clean, well taken care of and it's a nice place to live. The apartment is very affordable and the site staff are friendly, polite and when something needs to be done, it is worked on right away."

Pamela Draft and Family - Residents at Southgate

"I have a nice apartment at Southgate for my family with lots of space in the unit and it is convenient to the bus line. The staff has been a blessing to me and my kids. There is a good atmosphere and is pleasant in the office when I have to use the computer. I home school my children and having a computer for the residents is very beneficial and there is no fee. This is a tremendous help to me and my kids."

Peter Moorman - Resident at Southgate

"I love it here. I plan to stay here until I go up yonder. I feel very comfortable and at ease here. The staff is very community oriented because of the different functions they have. It is just a great place to live."

Mattie Jackson - Resident at Southgate

"I have been a resident of Southgate since 1989. I like it here and thank God for it. That is why I haven't moved. I've been here so long that a lot of my neighbors feel like family, some have since died and I miss them so much."

Rosalind Graham - Resident at Southgate

"I enjoy living at Southgate. It is quiet and I have friendly neighbors. The staff has been excellent. I think it's good when they have different functions for the children. The community learning center is good for both the children and adults."

Etta Whitaker - Resident at Morehead-Simkins ILC

"I have lived at Morehead-Simkins about eight years and I like it very much. I feel safe and secure here and most of all, if I have a problem at my unit and I report it to the office, the manager will see that it is taken care of immediately. I highly recommend this site to any senior citizen who is looking for a quiet, safe place to live."

Clarence Jones - Resident at Morehead-Simkins ILC

"I have lived at Morehead-Simkins since 1999 and love living here. The manager is very friendly and knows how to treat older people."

Ossie Beasley - Resident at Morehead-Simkins ILC

"Everything at Morehead-Simkins is so convenient. The incoming and outgoing mail boxes are inside. The building is designed that if we walk one lap around the halls we have walked 1/4 mile. A nursing student and social worker come once a week to help us. We have plenty of activities for all that are interested. The landscape is beautiful and we have vegetable plots nearby. I feel very safe with the security measures that they provide."